Do you wish you had more joy in your everyday life?

Do you want to be more positive and make this a habit in your life?

Do you want to automatically think positive when negative situations arise?

This free ebook will help you dig deep into your thoughts and analyze what can be changed to become a more positive person.

It will teach you how with small changes you can bring more positivity to your life and make them a habit.

Download the ebook today and start thinking more positive! 

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With more than 1,400 downloads and 395 Shares on social media, this ebook has 12 strategies that invite you to try something new, think differently, and bring more joy into your life. With real-life examples and guided steps, this ebook shows you how to make each of these changes in your life.

This ebook is for you if:

  • You want to feel more in touch with your inner self
  • You want to enjoy relationships more at home and at work
  • You want to feel more in control of your emotions
  • You want to think clearly in times of stress
  • You want to learn how you can develop goals that lead to happiness

Change your life

  • You will be able to develop new healthy habits
  • You will experience a sense of freedom
  • You will feel an increase of happiness
  • You will create the basis for a happier life


“I enjoyed reading this eBook, the strategies have helped me a lot to leave my anxiety and fears behind. I feel more secure, it has helped me relax and have a positive attitude and connect with my surroundings. I put it into practice and I feel that my life has changed a lot. ”

Yumna S.

“Everything Ale writes is a guarantee of inspiration. Personally, being motivated is something very important, with the lifestyle that we currently carry. In Ale’s resources, I have found a very positive reading full of good vibes to continue my journey through self-development with great encouragement. “

Carmen C.

“It is a great resource, with excellent advice for our personal life, designed to achieve success in achieving change in the way we act and think.”

Antonio R.

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We all have lives full of things to do, the hours of the day fill us with the different routines and responsibilities that we have in our lives. You are free to choose when you want to start and create a change in yourself. The important thing is to decide to change. You decide how to take your life and jump to the opportunity to explore the different exercises that will lead to positive change. You can do the exercises one or several times, you are in control, and you can achieve it!


Hey, I’m Ale! A happiness addict and lifestyle blogger. I am certified in Positive Psychology. I wrote this free personal growth ebook to provide you with actionable useful tips that will help you grow, and create a more positive mindset. Enjoy the free motivational printables as well!

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