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I know, there are hundreds of lists out there with baby registry must-haves for 2019. Honestly, most of the lists only cover you for the first 3 months.

Then you are scrambling and trying to buy all the other things you should’ve bought instead of wasting $200 on a diaper bag that once baby starts moving no longer works. (personal story) .

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So many options to choose from for the baby registry? you can't miss having these baby registry must haves of 2019 that will make your life a lot easier the first year.

10 Baby Registry must-have 2019: Baby products that will make your life easier

I truly just love how they make my life simpler.  I recommend them to about to every mother I meet to help them in their survival, because honestly, motherhood is a tough job and we all deserve a little help! 

Manny is only 10 months so I can’t really say “products for the first year” since I’m not technically there yet, but they have helped a lot this far.

Let’s begin… The 10 baby registry must haves 2019

#1 A White noise machine with projector

A white noise machine was on my baby register and  I loved the idea that it had a projector.

The projector feature I use since Manny has been about 4 months. Those nights when he would wake up restless and couldn’t easily go back to sleep. I would turn it on and we both would stare at it for hours until we were so relaxed we fell asleep. – Believe me! when is 4 am and all you want is baby to sleep, you will be thankful there is something soothing and visual they can see and relax them. 

We now use it to block out noise when Manny is taking a nap. I also, use it as a night-night cue. I turn it on as we are getting ready for bed and that is one of his cue that sleep needs to come next. 

Even when I had the baby in my room I used it, and my husband (who doesn’t sleep well)  claimed it helped him sleep better. So win – win! 

Note: last night he was teething bad and was very fuzzy and uncomforatble we used it to relax! 

This one was the one we used, but there are many variations in design, features, and prices you can choose from.


#2 Diaper Spray

My mom works at a hospital and they use this Touchless Care diaper spray on their patients. They have significantly reduced the number of diaper rash cases they had. Manny hasn’t had a single diaper rash in 10 months! and I give the credit to this spray.

It basically is the diaper cream you use on a baby but without the mess. It creats a Rainex effect barrier, so when you clean the diaper more poop stays in the diaper than attached to the baby’s bum-bum. It has a high concentration of Zinc Oxide which makes it a super effective diaper spray option. 

There are other brands with the same spray idea, but I have only used the Touchless care.

 #3 Disposable Bibs and Placemats

Once you start solids, a whole world opens up and is all fun and games and easy when you are at home. Trying new flavors and new textures. We are a family always on the go, and sometimes we have to eat multiple meals outside the house. There’s seems to be always a basketball tournament we have to attend, and those are usually full days.

I got tired of carrying multiple bibs and then carrying them all day dirty in my diaper bag. Then I discover heaven in a package! and life got a lot easier. 

We opted to teach Manny how to eat what we eat so that our life would become easier when we are out of the home, and to aim for him to be a less picky eater. So we opted to implement BLW  or Baby Led Weaning. The beauty (and issue) with this method is that they eat by themselves. It’s all good at home, where he makes a mess and Lola and Falco vacuum the floor as every human food that falls is a treat for these dogs.

At restaurants, in public, is a whole other world. I don’t have the convenience of a tray or plate he can grab food from, and he usually tends to bang the expensive dining ware at restaurants. Then, Baby! Too late but just in time, I discover disposable placements. They have sticky backs so he can’t grab it, I can place food on top and feel ok, and at the end just unstick, and throw away. Magic! pure magic!

There are many brands and quantities. I got my first batch (and I probably over-paid) at the dollar store but Amazon has guizzilion options. 

#4 Bugger sucker!

Ok maybe that’s not the right term but that’s what I call it. It’s a nasal aspirator.

When Manny was just a few months, I think 3 months, he got his first cold. I had no idea what to do but I had this in a box. My friend who had it for her baby and never used it (because she thought she would swallow her baby’s buggers – which you don’t) gave it to me. 

The moment I used it for the first time and saw how all those buggers went into the tube and my baby could breath was the moment I fell in love. I used it with saline spray to help loosen the mucus and recently learned it helps dry their noses. so bam! 

Manny hates it, and I show him all of the yucky stuff we get out, but it must be a weird feeling when you have a human vacuum cleaner up your nose – but i love it and I don’t have to be constantly wipe his nose. I suck and its all out. Happy breathing baby and happy mommy!

*Disclaimer: So I HAVE put my mouth in the wrong side of the hose twice. Twice it was before sucking the buggers so I advise you to use with when you are not so sleep deprived that you are not paying much attention – like me 

#5 BLW Plate

So, a fellow friend suggested this cute bamboo bamboo brand plate. They have different shapes but I fell in love with this one. And life got better right away! no more throwing the food, plus the little compartments helps him choose what he wants to eat and easily grab it dragging the food to the edge and swiping up.  

#6 Baby to-go pouches maker

When Babies R’ Us was going out of business I went to see what I could buy. At that moment Manny was not yet eating solids but I got this baby food maker. I was so excited to make my own food. It turns out, that I use this baby more than I thought.

You have to keep them refrigerated or frozen since they don’t have preservatives, but it’s such an easy on-the-go meal. The best part is that you know where it comes from. You made it. I have made veggie mixes, breakfast mixes, and even soup!

The fact that they are disposable, again is a big plus for me as we are always out on the weekends and I hate carrying dirty stuff with me. 

#7 Alexa – Echo Dot

We have an Alexa- Echo dot in every room. You will constantly hear me asking Alexa to play Toddler music, or Top pop music. The latest one, is  “Alexa play: Lullaby music” and also, now that baby is more active and seems to think that changing his diapers is a waste of time …and – ain’t nobody got time for that!

I have to ask Alexa for help. “Alexa play: The wheels on the bus” and I let him hold her as he is mesmerized by the lights. At that point, I have 2minutes and 32 seconds to do my thing before he starts flipping again. If that fails, I can always ask her to count from 1 to 10 with me. Or we play Simon says. 

I also use her to play toddler music when we are in the play room, and to play my audio books when Manny is napping. Alexa is my companion during the day. (can’t you tell I’m alone all day with the baby at home lol)


#8 Bluum Subscription

I chose Bloom because of the price, because it tracks how old my baby is and sends age-appropriate products. Every single month we have been surprised and baby seems to like everything we get sent. So far, No regrets!

When you are a new mommy like I am you can get overwhelmed with all the products available. There’s just so many options to choose from!  That’s why I decided to subscribe to a product subscription box. They will send me products already proven to be a success. 

Watch on my YouTube channel what got in December

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#9 Tooby App

We promised not to show electronics or TV to Manny for the first two years of his life as recommended by the AAP. The problem is that sometimes you need help. A quick entertainment for the baby to be ok and entertained and not on top of you. When it’s 5 am and Manny wakes up and I’m not ready and need 10 more minutes of sleep.

The Tooby App came very handy.  It has a series of songs in various languages and Many just love them. You don’t need to be connected to the internet every time you use it. You pay for the songs you want or the whole album. I paid for one song in English and the whole album in Spanish. The whole family knows the lyrics to the songs.

I get to lock the screen so he grabs the phone and watches the song videos and I get to relax in the bed for 5 more minutes. Also, very handy in the car – Manny HATES the car with a passion. 

Available download at the App Store: Here

#10 A Lovey

baby registry must haves 2019

Although I failed miserably at any type of sleep training, I did remember my sister telling me to get him a lovey.  A lovey, is a stuffed animal that becomes their companion at nap times. The more they see it around their crib, the more comfortable they feel and it becomes a “safety blanket” as well as a cue to sleep. 

Manny was allergic to polyester as many newborns are, so we had to give away the initial lovey we had and get him one made out of organic cotton. We chose a handmade bunny from Etsy made in Canada. We purchased two because you never know! what if it gets lost? it works because I carry one in the diaper bag and it helps him when we are on the go and he needs to nap. I also carry it around the house so I always have a lovey handy when its time to sleep.  

So there you have it! the baby registry must-haves

My 10 products that have made my life easier during my first 10 months of mommyhood. I hope they are as much help to you as they have been to me.

simplify your life with these baby registry must haves in 2019. Add them to your baby registry or buy them yourself, you won't regret it.

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