benefits of eating organic

In previous articles like the Diet of happiness, I mentioned that I have been on the way to live a healthier lifestyle. The more I learn the importance of how these foods affect our hormones and our mood the more I want to live differently.


Today I want to talk about the benefits of  eating organic  and for you to hear me out and also consider it.


Eating healthy foods will provide us with the necessary energy throughout the day without feeling weak or tired.




The first thing, is to learn what it really means to eat well.


The goal is to accustom your palate to eat fresher, more balanced and safer foods.


A good alternative to make the switch to a healthier lifestyle is to note the change you want to accomplish that will bring you towards this goal.

Then you want to create small goals for implementing each week. Creating small goals – in everything you do – help you take small steps toward where you want to go.


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Creating goals and steps to achieve them will allow you to stay on track and away of drastic  changes in your life – such extreme diets – which will only be hard to maintain making you give up 15 days after.


This is how my health goal looks like


my goal: Eating healthier in 2016

Smaller goals:

  1. Eat more vegetables
  2. Eat more fruits
  3. Eliminate refined sugars and
  4. Choosing organic foods


(Have you seen this video of Annie’s  on their organic products? This super cute with all those bunnies )







My health goal for 2016 has been the focus on eating healthier. I started to bring more vegetables to the table and change the white rice with brown rice.

Healthy goals can be simple, you can choose from eating processed sugars, remove the junk, food from your kitchen, or consume more organic foods. When I made this changes I immediately noticed results, especially when it comes to my energy levels.


“Neurobiologists have discovered a link between food and mood. There are combinations of hormones that affect the degree of happiness and well -being, and some are present in food . So when one can eat better one can feel better, sleep well and find some pain relief “

My plan of 2016 has been great so far, but … to eat a snack at mid-morning, I was always looking out for chips, cookies and other things containing nothing healthy … so I decided that there had to be better alternative for snack.

benefits of eating organicIt was not until I met the brand  Annie’s Organic for Everybunny that I discovered all the snack and meal options that are available and healthy – best of all Organic!

With this change, I could now continue towards my goal this year of eating healthy and eating organic.


As a lover of chocolate, my favorite snack is their chocolate chip granola. This   Granola Bar from Annie’s Organic  is certified organic and contains 8 grams of whole grain per serving, which makes it very healthy. 



If you are looking for other options to snack, Annie’s also has cookies, popcorn and organic fruit snacks.


With all these options, I feel relief that I am giving my body healthy ingredients even when I snack.

benefits of eating organic



Eating organic has many benefits, not only to our body, our mind and our happiness, but also to the happiness of the planet, and that is very important to me.

By consuming foods that are free of chemicals such as: pesticides, growth hormones and other artificial substances, allowing ourselves to consume food in the most natural way possible and at the same time without generating changes in the land and, of course, environmental short- and long-term damages.

The methods and techniques used in the cultivation and harvesting of organic food are ethical and safe.


benefits of eating organicUnfortunately modern agriculture has focused on excess chemicals and techniques to increase the size of the food (using GMO) and using techniques to improve the performance of their production without consideration of their effects on the health of people, the life of these animals or their effect on the overall planet.



benefits of eating organicThere are some farmers out there as  Annie’s Organic for Everybunny  that still have some moral and their focus is on producing healthy food, have ethical practices and respecting people, animals and the earth.

Therefore, I invite you to buy organic food. This switch to a healthier choice will not only help maintain your health, but also help to preserve our planet. 

Check out the products  Annie’s Organic for Everybunny   and I recommend you their organic granola because it’s delicious!


Have you made any healthy changes in your life? tell me about it! send me a tweet


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