Do I like to bake? Yes, do I have time to bake all the time? No. Do I still want to eat good? Yes.

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Today I bring you, hands-down the second best banana bread in the world.

Why the second best banana bread? Because the first one is my friend’s Elvis family recipe. He refuses to give me the ingredients and the secret to what makes his banana bread so moist and delicious. He only bakes it for me on my birthday and I take every birthday the opportunity to ask for his secret; it never works. So, while I work on getting his family secret I bring you the second best option.

I am famous for it. If you don’t believe me ask my friends.

You know I am all about simplifying life. That means I like to do that in all areas of my life, including the kitchen.

Ask my friends, they love my banana bread and I always feel so guilty. Why? I guess I feel I should only take credit if I make it from scratch. Same happens with my brownies. To my defense, I think the baking technique counts big time in the execution of the best banana bread. A good baking technique can be the difference between a banana bread that is too dry or one that is moist and delicious. Am I right?

I’m sorry to sadden you if you are looking to make it from scratch. If you want some banana bread made from scratch scroll down to find the top Banana Bread Recipes from  Pinterest.

Sometimes you still want to eat good and good can come in a box. No, this is not a sponsored post but if you have connections with @chiquita please give them my name maybe they can send me a few boxes and I can make a banana bread party!)

fastest banana bread
You can buy this at any local Walmart store. You can buy a box of 6 at

Yes, it comes in a box, and yes I am famous for my banana bread. And that means this one.

take my word for it

I always like to add some toppings for looks and for extra flavor. I tend to add chocolate chips and some type of nuts, last time I had almonds and this time I added walnuts.

If you are in the mood for a good banana bread, then try this one. You won’t regret it.

Top Banana Bread Recipes from  Pinterest

Since Manny and I are somewhat Dairy Intolerant I just supplement any type of milk the recipe calls for with almond milk or other non-dairy milk. (I will soon try a new brand called Planet Oat.. have you tried it? I will let you know how it goes)

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