“Your intuition will not tell you what is right, because only the intellect works in the world of right and wrong” –Sonia Choquette

how to use intuitionWhat it will reflect you what is true for you, what is the highest truth, the highest connection that supports you.


Step 1:

What is your real question? In what way are you interested in being guided?, really! And then you name it!


Step 2:

What are you afraid of? And just name it. You must do it at loud. (In the video she asks this question several times… as she calls it: emptying the garbage out) you must do it at loud in order it to work.  Do it as many times as you need, until you you can’t think of it anymore and when you heart speaks and you hear it, every cell in your body feels it.


“The throat is the chimney of the heart” – Sonia Chequette


Step 3:

Put your hand in your heart, and say at loud “My higher self, my intuitive guidance says:” and then speak out QUICK!

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