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Music has been known to increase brain waves. You probably have heard that when you are pregnant you should put music on your belly for your baby to hear, but did you know it doesn’t have to stop at the belly?

There are certain sounds and music note combination that encourages different brain functions to increase concentration and relaxation for all, not just babies. Me personally, I like to work or study with music.


I was never the one that liked music with lyrics while I studied as I could get easily distracted and then ended up singing rather than working or studying the material at hand. I always tend to go for “spa music” or soothing calming songs. I learned, that there is such a thing as meditation music for relaxing at work or while studying.


I decided to share this one with you, as there are so many Youtube videos and channels about relaxing music that you could get lost with the choices. If you want the shortcut and you don’t want to go through multiple channels, I have made the tough work for you.


This one is my favorite to use (and no, there is no paid promotion for my personal opinions)

For the technical explanation (type of waves) here is a snipped taken from their YouTube description about this music:

♫ Concentration and Study Music to help Focus: This music is specially designed and encourage brain function and focus so you are in a state of meditation and concentration while working on hard tasks. We also use binaural beats (alpha waves and theta waves and delta waves) to naturally encourage a state of relaxation, which is perfect for concentration, meditation or deep sleep.♫

So go ahead, press play and go on with your work day. May you have a more relaxed and productive day 🙂


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