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I’m not crazy. I truly believe in the power of meditation. I’ll show you how to meditate in just 10 minutes a day.

Does your life move at a fast pace? I know! Mine too! It seems like I have a never-ending to-do list. I seem to add more items to my list than things I scratch off. The life of a mom I guess!

We live in a fast pace world and sometimes it’s exhausting to keep up. As a mom, there’s seems to fewer hours in the day than when I was not a mom. How your world turns to be one endless to-do list, right?! I seem to be focusing so much on everyone’s needs that I often forget to take care of myself.

The problem is that if we don’t take care of ourselves there will come a point we will crack – or that’s how I feel. I’m just one crisis away from collapsing.

There are things that we can do to make our lives better. Maybe it won’t help the kids get out the door faster but it will help with your state of mind.

Let's face it, we are all super busy and me time always gets left behind. But here is how you can actually do it.
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I used to do Yoga, I used to meditate and that used to bring some calm and stability back into my life. It’s time I get back to it.

I used to have time to do long chakra meditations, use incents and candles to clean my energy, but those times seem to be long gone. I’m lucky if I can even go to the bathroom by myself let alone do yoga or meditate.

Meditation IS for mamas. Because we need these awesome benefits just as much or more than monks, CEOS and celebrities.

With just a 10 meditation you can align your mind, body, and spirit. You might not be the type to do long chakra meditations but be open-minded for a bit. listen up. Don’t shut it down until you have tried it, please. When you start meditating for several days and make it part of your routine, you will get addicted to the feeling of peace and relaxation it brings.

How to meditate in just 10 minutes a day
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I like to meditate in the morning. For me, meditation is the breakfast for your mind. And without breakfast, I cannot function.

How to meditate in just 10 minutes a day

You only need 10 minutes to meditate

You could spend your first 10 minutes when you open your eyes checking social media or you can nourish your soul and give those ten minutes to your health.

You might not feel your arm because you have a sleeping toddler next to you. Or you can’t get out of bed because you are nursing your newborn. You can close your eyes and focus on your breathing and get your mind body and soul ready to take over the world – ok maybe just take over breakfast time. And if you are lucky, get out of the house in time. Good enough right! happiness is about low expectations! lol

Forget about your phone, the news and all the noises around you. For 10 minutes direct attention to your mind.

How to meditate in 10 minutes

Meditation translates in many ways. For some, these 10 minutes of meditation can be done doing yoga. For other people is silent prayer and for others is just closing their eyes and taking deep slow breaths.

Just like we all like different things to eat for breakfast, the same goes for meditation. The same type of meditation doesn’t work for everyone. You must try different ways to meditate and even different times of the day until you find what works for you.

Here is how you can meditate (in bed before starting the day)

  1. Decide you are ready to meditate.
  2. Close your eyes (trying to not fall asleep)
  3. Start by taking deep breaths. Breathe deeply.
  4. Notice your body. Are you tense? if so, relax your shoulders, your arms, legs
  5. Relax your mind, you can focus on water, or clouds so that you bring your attention to the present. if your mind wonders to the to-do list is ok. just bring it back to your relax focus -water or clouds.
  6. Prepare to finish. Start wiggling your toes, your arms, bring the attention back to where you are.
  7. Open your eyes, and get moving! you are late! just kidding… Congratulate yourself.
  8. ok now seriously, get up and go, the kids will be late you, you won’t be able to wash your hair… just kidding! go go go 😉
Every mother deserves 10 minutes to relax and meditate. Here is how you can do it and fit it into your busy schedule.
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I hope you give it a chance and you experiment with different types of meditation, or simply close your eyes and focus on your breath.

You have earned and deserve 10 minutes for you.

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