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It seems to be that Marie Kondo has entered into everyone’s mind this month. Thanks to the Netflix series Tidying Up everyone wants perfect clutter-free houses.

If you don’t know, “Marie Kondo is a celebrity of tidying, and yes, it turns out that is a thing. Marie Kondo started working as a professional tidier in Japan at age 19, when she began tidying up friends’ homes for extra cash. Now she is a world known Best seller author.

How to organize a freezer drawer with the Marie Kondo method
I read her books many years ago and have done her methods a few times and it feels good to declutter for sure. Although her method is wonderful, you must keep at it and maintain such structure living. I seem to go to my old ways every few years, when it gets too overwhelming I have to start all over again.

With a baby, it is now harder to tackle these decluttering projects so I had to channel my energy into a tidy-up project to something more doable. I do not have 5 hours of uninterrupted time to clear my closet and say thank you to each one of my shirts I want to get rid of, and let me be honest, I want to throw them all out but I can’t until I finish my breastfeeding journey.

With my OCD in full drive after what I saw in her Netflix show, I open my freezer to take out the meatballs I’m going to cook for dinner and I can’t seem to find them. I literally have to take out everything out of the freezer so I can find the bag!

If you have a drawer freezer, you quickly realize that things can get lost deep down as you pile one thing over the other. I have things I constantly need there. Like the meatballs to make dinner. Scrambling through things over and over again is not how I want to spend my time in the kitchen.

Marie Kondo organize a freezer drawer

I put myself to the task to find the best solutions to organize a drawer freezer along with the implementation of the Marie Kondo method. I headed over to my good ol’ friend Google and his best friend Pinterest to get ideas. I’m sure the internet is full of OCD people ready to share their most intimate organizing secrets. I am on a mission to find those secrets and see what works for my family.

Marie Kondo doesn’t really go into how to organize your freezer drawer, but you can take her method and apply it to any area of your home you wish to organize. I also added some extra tips found around Pinterest that were useful in my task.

How to organize a deep freezer drawer

how to organize a freezer drawer

1.Take everything out and lay it out so you see what you have

I used the kitchen counter

2. Separate the items by categories

veggies, breakfast items, frozen food, meats, etc…

3. Discard what you no longer want

I checked everything and made sure I still wanted every item in there. There were some items that I know we will not eat, and things that were badly stored and had freezer burn so those were discarded.

4. Take a good look at the food you have and get an estimate of how many bins you need

I am terrible at estimating so I headed to the dollar store and got 4 bins. Bins allow you to store food per categories and will be easily to grab and access what you put at the bottom of the drawer.

5. Reorganize by category

I took out my Dollar Tree bins and divided them as follow:

  • A bin for the frozen veggies
  • A bin for the turkey, arepas and ready to eat ravioli pasta. Since I shop at Costco and everything comes in packs, I keep one in the refrigerator and the others are frozen. As I use those, I take from my stash in the freezer.
  • A bin for the cooked food – mama always needs to have a meal ready to defrost in case I can’t cook-
  • A bid for prepared baby food – same case, I refuse to spend my time cooking every. single. day. so I optimize!
  • I didn’t use a bin but created a section for the frozen fruits and smoothie supplies.

I kept the top shallow drawer the same as the current organization has worked very well. I have this drawer divided into three sections and I use that for my meats:  chicken on the left, fish in the middle, and meat & pork on the right. As I ran low, I can easily see what I need and stock up before I’m super-super low on food. There is a lot of ziplock bags because I divide my Costco shopping into “dinner portions” so that I only defrost what I need. Also, my husband went fishing and caught a big Mahi-Mahi so those filets go into zip locks as well.

When it was time to put back the items in the drawer, I left the most common used bins to the front and top of the drawer; The veggies and the cooked food.

I took the breakfast waffles out of the box to reduce space and added those to the basket at the front of the freezer along with frozen baby puree and juice concentrate; and a box of butter I didn’t even know I had!

I left the bulky items I had such as the big bag of spinach, the french fries and the bag of meatballs at the bottom on the right side. These items are not commonly used. I put the cooked food bins on top. When I need them, all I need to do is to take out the veggie bin and the smoothie bin and take out what I needwhen is time to put it back all will stay organized.

There you have it. I spent a total time of 30minutes reorganizing the drawer freezer. The rest of the house might look like a hurricane passed through but I know that when is time for dinner, I will not be spending and wasting time looking for things in the freezer. Now, I guess should I move on to do the refrigerator?… sight…. that’s a loss cause.

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