There’s nothing worse than having an infant at home and being sleep deprived. Oh, wait! yes, there is. Is being sleep deprived at home with your infant (and dogs) and are in the processes of putting the baby down for a nap and then doorbell rings. (We need Smart Doorbells for Mom’s peace of mind)

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Diiiiiing Doooong!

You don’t know who it is, you don’t care (really!) and you just want them to go away.

They ring the doorbell again.

Diiiiiing Doooong!

Dogs go crazy! Barking like they are saving you from who knows what.

Baby gets scared, start crying, and forgets he was falling asleep

And you….Mamma

The one who was hoping little baby would go to sleep so she could a) eat breakfast or b) take a shower has to start all over again to put baby down for nap.

Mamma is NOT happy.

When you are hit with this situation over and over again, you  (I mean me) try to find a solution.

I can buy a cute Esty sign that says “Do not disturb, baby sleeping, dogs will bark and I mama is sleep deprived”

I can disconnect the doorbell

I can keep dealing with this situation and crying myself to sleep …

None which are appealing because let’s face it, sometimes we do want people to ring the doorbell and we don’t want to be constantly having to go putting a sign like we are some kind of store. Yes, we are open.. Sorry, we are close.

The next best thing is getting a smart doorbell. In our home, this seems like the best solution knowing that we are constantly looking for ways to automate or make our home smarter. We have automated our front lights, our pool lights, our pool heater, and our garage doors.

We purchased and installed the Nest doorbell. why choose the Nest Hello if everyone has the Ring? Here is a quick mom’s to Doorbell Security System (Nest vs. Ring)

It was overdue to make our doorbell smarter. Now that I have used the Nest Hello for a few days, I can honestly say it is awesome and if you ask me, every mom with an infant should have one of these at her home.

I’ll tell you all the reasons why I like the Nest, and also why my husband (more technology driven) ultimately chose the Nest Hello for our family over the Ring Doorbell.

There are multiple technical benefits to having a video doorbell camera and you can google the technical specs and compare yourself. What I will tell you is why as a mom with an infant and two dogs, this device was a great add-on to my home.

Just the fact that you can take the guesswork out of finding out who is at the door when you are not able to go open it is very convenient for moms. A device that sends an alert to your phone when someone rings your bell and you can respond to them with automated messages is even better.

Here is why every mom should have a doorbell installed and why we chose Nest Hello over Ring video.

Nest Hello vs. Ring Video

6 Reasons: Smart Doorbells for Mom’s Peace of mind

Reason #1 Two-way talk communication with pre-recorded messages.

if I know I’m going to be putting the baby to sleep or be away from the house I can easily communicate with anyone that is coming to the house with easy pre-recorded messages.

Reason #2 Silence the ringer

HELLO!!!!! baby can nap, dogs won’t hear anyone at the door and I will be one happy mama. Enough said. That’s major for me. Maybe this should be bumped to reason #1.  

Reason #3 Facial Recognition

(Only Nest offers this option)

I get a notification on my phone every time Nest Hello identifies someone at the door. It recognizes if it’s my husband, my son, or a stranger. It will send me a notification to my phone with that information and I don’t need to open the app or to check the video feed to find out who it is.

In addition, if you sync it with Google Home, it’ll even announce the person when he or she rings the doorbell.

Reason #4 24/7 Streaming

(only Nest offers this option)

As a mom that works from home I’m alone most of the day. Feeling the safety that we can stream 27/7 and both myself and my husband can have access to the videos is a peace of mind I want to have.

Note: If you want to see more than just a snapshot alert of who’s at the front door, you’ll need to subscribe to a cloud-recording plan. Ring starts at $3/month and gives you up to 2 months of storage, while Nest’s plan (called Nest Aware) starts at $5/mo and only 5 days of storage.( Costco is running a special right now where you get one free year with the Nest Hello. See Reason #6)

Reason #5 Better Video

Nest Hello has a portrait camera view (4:3 format) and the Ring Video has a horizontal view (16:9 format) . Portrait mode allows you to see someone from head to toe as they approach your door. I like the Nest view better, after all, I want to see the people and what they are bringing (bring a hot meal or go away, just kidding)

Also, if you read the reviews, Nest hello has better nighttime video.

Reason #6 Price

Price = money, money, money

It always come down to price right? well, most of the time. Both, the Nest Hello and Ring Video are about $200 but as you know, we are big times fan of Costco and they are running a really good special for their members. (this is not a sponsored post by Costco)

You get:

  • The Nest Hello device
  • $30 OFF
  • One year Nest Aware subscription (to their 24/7 monitoring video recording)
  • Free google home mini device

With Ring, you get just the security doorbell for $200.

You can also find these devices at Amazon below (affiliate linkI get a few cents if you actually buy if from these links)

So there you have it, the guide to Smart Doorbells for Mom’s a short 6 point list of Nest vs Ring security system and why we like the Nest better. For detail technical specifications you can visit each of their websites or the really technical blogs out there.

This was my user-friendly version review, the mom guide to help you avoid putting your baby to nap twice in one nap due to someone deliverying a box, offering you to bring Jesus into your home or ask you if you have purchased the newspaper this year.

Do you agree that every mom needs a smart doorbell for her sanity, for her safety and for peace of mind?

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