I was gifted two complimentary meals at Sweet Tomatoes 
in exchange to my honest opinion.

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Congratulations! You have decided to do BLW (Baby Lead Weaning) with your baby. You have been doing great when it comes to feeding baby at home, but what do you do when you are out? You have tried a few places but quickly realized that if you want fast service you are limited in healthy options for the kids.

Read along because I will show you how Sweet Tomatoes is the perfect BLW restaurant.

I will share with you my experience doing BLW there and menu item ideas you can choose next time you go there.

Why do BLW at restaurants?

Doing BLW at restaurants and at home also come with its benefits. When you include your baby at the dinner table:

  • “They are given the freedom to explore new tastes and textures, without the pressure to eat a set amount or a specific food.
  • They are naturally encourage to join the family and self-feed appropriate finger foods.
  • They can choose what, how much, and how quickly to eat”.

Learn more about BLW at mama natural

We had the opportunity to go to Sweet Tomatoes and try a complimentary meal. I took Kiki and Manny after school for lunch since it was early release that day. Kiki is a very picky eater and does not feel comfortable ordering new foods because he is afraid he won’t like them and therefore waste our money. Manny, is the opposite, he eats anything you offer him. Being a BLW restaurant baby he got used to having more fruits and veggies in his diet and therefore going out to places to eat we have found that to be a challenge.  

I haven’t been to Sweet Tomatoes in years and let me tell you, I was very impressed. From the food selection to the staff, to the cleanliness of the place. It is one place I will definitely be going back to. My biggest impact was the wide variety of options for the kids.

When entering Sweet Tomatoes, the first option you have is the Salad bar. There is nothing better than going to a restaurant and having tons of veggies available to choose from.

During our visit to Sweet Tomatoes, Manny and Kiki were exposed to different veggies and salads that they usually wouldn’t get exposure to at home. It is an all you can eat  buffet style restaurant so we were not afraid to grab new veggies for the kids to try. As we pass by with our tray Manny pointed out the veggies that drove his attention. We create his own little plate of colorful veggies to eat. Allowing the kids to choose what to eat was a great way to open their mind and allowing them to try new veggies.

Veggies that are great BLW options

Enjoying BLW Veggies

Sweet Peas: if your baby has already established the pinching skill, peas are a great option, they are cooked to perfection so they are soft and tender for baby to eat easily.

Corn: Also steamed and soft is a great finger food for BLW. Using his pinching skills or grabbing a handful, this is one veggie that is a favorite for both kids.

Carrots: These, are tricky because some places cut them too big, they are too hard or just not BLW, but at Sweet Tomatoes they had them Shredded for easy chewing.

Green Pepper: As a new veggie to try, he chose a strand of green pepper. It was long enough to grab and munch away! But I think he does better when these are steamed or roasted than raw like the ones we chose.

Pasta salad: Right at the same path of the veggies at Sweet Tomatoes, there are a few salads already mixed. Pasta, is a favorite for babies and there are so many options and recipes you can make. We chose some easy to grab pasta to compliment Manny’s veggie dish.

See full Sweet Tomatoes Menu here for more veggie options

Salads are a great BLW option

This month, Sweet Tomatoes had Mediterranean dishes featured so we were feeling adventurous. Here are a few selections all BLW approved that we tried.  Choosing from these seasonal recipes it was a great way to open the kids to be adventurous and try new things.

Kiki chose to try the Mediterranean Chicken Salad and we chose for Manny the Quinoa Tabouli. I know how to make quinoa, but I have no idea how to make yummy quinoa salads like this.

The Mediterranean Chicken Salad had chicken (of course), tomatoes, feta cheese, Greek black olives, with a light dressing. All flavors working with each other to make a yummy and fresh salad. The large pieces of lettuce are easy to grab by hand for baby to experiment with new flavors.

The Quinoa Tabouli was a great selection because Quinoa is a South American superfood, it is a gluten-free seed extra special because of its complete protein, meaning that it contains all essential amino acids needed to build muscle. It’s also an excellent source of magnesium, iron and dietary fiber, topped with parsley and mint makes this salad a fresh healthy choice and full of flavor.

Stacey, the manager suggested I try the Joan’s Broccoli Madness w/ Bacon, a popular choice by many and her favorite. Boy! She was not wrong.

The Joan’s Broccoli Madness with Bacon is a great choice for BLW because the large broccoli trees are easy to grab and it’s added ingredients are full of flavor. This salad has broccoli, bacon, cashews, raisins and onions. It’s a sweet salad that compliments the broccoli flavor really well. Perfect choice for kids to eat broccoli.

Soups are a great BLW option

From top left to right: Chicken and Rice Soup, Minestrone Soup, Cream of Mushrooms Soup, Split Pea & Barley Soup

Some moms that do BLW with their babies are hesitant to give babies soup. How do you feed them soup? Are they supposed to do it by themselves? When I’m at home, I usually add the soup to a pouch and just have him self-feed, at restaurants that is not an option so I feed him using a spoon. I find this way is the best and easiest way at places outside of home.

Pro tip: Give them an extra spoon or a piece of bread to play with so they don’t try to grab yours every time you try to feed him.

There are so many soup options at Sweet Tomatoes that it was hard to choose what our favorites where, but I can say that all their soups where a hit with the family. To take advantage of the all you can eat option, we chose 4 soups to try. We chose the Minestone, the Cream of Mushrooms, the Split Pea and Barely and the Chicken and Rice.

 Manny tried the Minestrone Soup first and he was hooked! He absolutely loved it. It was warm, not too strong in spices and just perfect comfort food. I tried to give him other ones to try and although he agreed to try, he really just wanted the minestrone one. (see photo below when I tried to take it away)

Minestrone Soup
One hungry Baby

Kiki tried the Chicken and Rice Soup and again, super impressed with their flavors. We gave some to Manny to try and he really liked it too. I loved that it had little pieces of chicken soft enough for him to get some protein in his system. This soup selection by itself could be a complete BLW meal with veggies, chicken and rice.

I tried the Split Pea and Barley and the Cream of Mushrooms. I love mushrooms and it was delicious, but since I am dairy intolerant, I decided to finish the Split Pea and Barely one to avoid any regrets (stomachaches) later.

BLW Dessert options

BLW can also be fun for dessert. At Sweet Tomatoes there are tons of options to finish your meal. They have a soft ice cream bar, you can serve it on a cone or in a blow and you can add some fun toppings like granola and Oreo crushed cookies.

If you baby is ok with dairy, they have tiny cones that you can let them get messy and enjoy some dessert. Manny is dairy intolerant and while we were talking a photo with these cute tiny cones, he decided to grab a handful and enjoy some ice cream. Thank goodness, he didn’t get sick form the dairy and I’m glad he enjoyed his dessert.

Swirl Mini Cone Ice Cream

If you rather choose something healthier for dessert there is a fruit bar to choose from. Who said sweets couldn’t be healthy too?

Fruit bar at Sweet Tomatoes

When we were about to head out, Lisa and her family (our next table guests) suggested for us to try the Gluten-Free Snickerdoodle Muffins. With that name, how could you not!  They were fluffy, sprinkled with cinnamon and a really good choice. These muffins contain coconut, and although I’m not a fan of coconut, you couldn’t really taste it. We actually took our leftover snickerdoodle muffins (2) for the car ride.

Overall, we were impressed with the large selection of healthy choices and the staff was amazing. For a place that is buffet style, you wouldn’t think you had staff members coming to the table asking if all is well and if you needed anything, but they did. Often, clearing out our table and not judging our BLW mess. The service was fast so next time we are in a hurry to eat, we have the perfect place where we can all eat, specially BLW Manny.

It was a great experience to explore different veggies and now that we found new options we can recreate and try to recreate some of these options at home.

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