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Since I was a little girl I have always been fascinated with the idea that you can tell a lot about a person through their handwriting. It is amazing what you can know about a person just by looking at the way he writes.

Do you know what your handwriting says about you? How do you cross the letter T, the brackets at the end of each letter, the inclination, the separation between letters, how you do the o’s … and more.

Graphology is the study of the character and psychology of a person through the features of his writing. There are a series of general parameters that emerge from this science and are used to identify traits in the personality of someone more thoroughly.

The way you write can show more than 5,000 personality traits.

Here is an infographic with the most common traits to look for when analyzing someone’s handwriting so that you analyze your own handwriting or that of your friends.

To start, all you need is to grab a piece of paper where you had already written something (prior to reading this article) that way you won’t affect or be subconscious how you write.

Let me know in the comments what you find about yourself or your friends according to the graphics and if it’s an accurate reflection.

After the infographic, you can read what I discovered about my own handwriting.

what does your handwriting say about you

My Handwriting analysis

For my analysis, I’m using an art journal page taken from my Art Instagram page. It is important to use an existing page with your handwriting because I have noticed you are more subconscious on how you write if you do it at the moment of the exercise, therefore, affecting how yo do your letters and the result.

Let’s start!

The Letter T: I tend to cross the t at the bottom, which according to the infographic I am insecure.

— accurate–. I do tend to double guess myself a lot and if I see someone doing it better, I immediately try to remove myself from doing it.

The Letter I: I’m going to say the circle is a closed one with dot vs. an open circle. Which means Tidy, don’t like clutter.

True– but that doesn’t mean I’m organized at all…lol… I wish I was though!

The letter O: Open or closed? well, on this page I see a mix of both, but most tend to be closed. So let’s go with closed. Private and Introvert.

–very on point! — I used to be extrovert when I was young, but as I got older I became a total introvert. That’s why blogging suits me well, I get to talk to you but I’m alone behind the computer.

Moving on… this is fun!

Line spacing: So the line spacing is the vertical distance between one row of text and the next. I think mine is somewhat even. I am respectful of boundaries.

-Yup!- you will hear me teach my son#1 about “personal space, personal space” people need to breath!

Size: This one has changed through the years, it was large, now I think is more average. So for average, it says Adaptable – easy going.

–my friends would agree — I am super easy going! don’t like conflict and drama but I do like chisme lol.

Moving on to shapes

Do I loop the I? no.. the T? no… moving on.

narrow or wide e? apparently on the E, I have multiple personalities, so I’m going to skip that one. I have a fight with that letter every time, I can never make it look pretty so I switch it. So bi-polar E, skipping that one.

The Y, yea is looped. Confident and with a large group of friends. Accurate on the first one depending on the situation. If it’s work-related heck yeah! but the large group of friends, not so much. For my circle, I rather keep it small and cozy.

The S. I had to look at a different paper where my letters were not cursive to reference this and they look pointy. So I like to learn new things. Definitely!

Writing Styles

Disconnected. I mix cursive with regular and even when I do cursive they are disconnected. I am imaginative. Yes! I do art and I come from a creative field.

Impulsive yup! got me there too. My husband totally would agree on this one! we went to the store to get a TV that we have been researching for a while and knew it was a good deal and I almost made him buy the bigger one… just because. Thank goodness he is the reasoning voice in the house.

Pressure? heavy. On this one, I also had to reference a different paper so I could see if my handwriting would be engraved on the paper if I turned the page. And it was. Man! you can’t really hide from this! “react heavily to emotions” I told you I was emotional! I’m the one that cries at work, the one that cries when we meet for coffee to talk about our lives, the one that needs the kleenex at the end of every TV commercial. I mean, I am just one emotional wagon.

Signature: So I was between two options and both I didn’t like what it said about me. You know, some hard truths you try to hide from people. Illegible signature: Private person, lack of confidence. Didn’t you tell me that again? I really don’t need to hear it again people! Small lettering: Lack of self-confidence – ok you had to tell me again? and Introverted. Yeah, we covered that.

So there you have it!

You got to know me a little bit more. Ok, a lot more. and you to see how your personality traits reflect about yourself. Was it accurate for you as it was for me?