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Why I’m starting swimming lessons before his first birthday – and you should too.

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Wondering when is the right time to start swimming lessons? should you start swimming lessons before the age one? here is the scoop!

Ever since I learned we were pregnant, I knew that our baby will receive swimming lessons early In life. What I didn’t know – and learned later – was that you can start them really young. You can even do water activities before their first vaccine!

“Every day, about ten people die from unintentional drowning. Of these, two are children aged 14 or younger.  For every child who dies from drowning, another five receive emergency department care for nonfatal submersion injuries”

CDC Report on Unintentional Drowning

We live in Florida, therefore we are always around water. We love the water so much we even have a boat! because our definition of fun usually means boat+water.

Our weekends are constantly enjoying the Florida weather and it’s beaches so for me water safety is a #1 priority.

I asked a friend who is a swim instructor, when was the right age to start Manny in swim lessons, she suggested that we could start at 6 months. Now I learned, that you can actually introduce them to the water before 6 months. While they are not learning actual swimming skills so young they can still enjoy the water, work on sensory development, and just get comfortable in the water. Water play is even a great exercise for them. They will even enjoy a long nap after that. You are welcome!

You might say that I am exagerating by putting Manny in swim classes before his first birthday, but I don’t think I am. I think the younger they learn how to be safe in the water the better.  Swim lessons allow them to enjoy the water in a safe manner.

Am I expecting him to swim by his first birthday with these swimming lessons? Absolutely not. Am I expecting for him to be one of those babies that flip to their back on their own and swim to the surface? I don’t know much about this technique or the research behind its effectiveness in child safety.  I’m open to this method if it will make him be safer or other methods of water safety techniques.

What am I expecting? I’m expecting to have the peace of mind that I am giving my son valuable tools for him to learn how to have fun and enjoy the water in a safe manner.

At 9 months, Manny took 5 swimming lessons with a private instructor.

During those swim lessons Manny has learned:

  • How not to reach in into the water. A danger he could lose balance trying to reach out for a toy and fall.
  • How to sit, STOP, and then roll to his belly and back into the pool.
  • He started understanding the concept of playing in the stairs and the concept to kick while being supported to reach a toy.
  • He started to learn and trust to float on his back – although he still needs a lot of work with this. He still gets very scared.
Swimming lessons at 9 months

Manny might have a long way to go, and repeating the same exercises over and over again might be boring to me, but I understand the importance of this repetition for him to get comfortable with the concepts.

If you choose the right class setting, your kids will take these classes as a fun activity vs. a torture event. Manny cried for three classes and I quickly realized that he needs me inside the water with him along with the instructor. He is still very little to be with just the instructor.

When to start swimming lessons? my answer would be as soon as they get out of the womb!

The sooner they start getting comfortable with the water the better. From playing in the steps, to learning how to get in and out of the pool in a safe manner, to diving and swimming is a skill that they deserve to have. Kids deserve to have fun when playing in the pool, and parents deserve the peace of mind that their kid has learned a few techniques and water safety rules to follow to do this safely.

We are looking forward to starting swim lessons through a new partnership at the new Goldfish Swim school facility that recently opened in Pembroke Pines. #Goldfishpartner

Wondering when is the right time to start swimming lessons? should you start swimming lessons before the age one? here is the scoop!

If you would like to follow our journey as I share his milestones and what he learns,  I will be sharing our progress through my social channels: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitterusing the hashtag #goldfishpartner

36 thoughts on “When to start swimming lessons

  1. I WISH I had started swimming lessons as a kid early on (it would have saved my mom many panic attacks lol) but I certainly plan to do this with my own children someday!

    1. lol that’s too funny! I caused a few panic attacks but I think that’s because we used to play lifeguard so we would scream “help help I’m drowning” I remember after a few times the game got banned.

  2. I was a swim instructor for a year or so teaching babies and toddlers to swim, it was such a fun experience! I think all parents should consider swim lessons, especially because it teaches them swim safety!

  3. My kids (except the last) all started lessons at the earliest available lessons locally… at 4 months old. It was a great experience, and such an important skill. My eldest went through till just before the lifeguarding courses, and my youngest two are still young and learning new skills.

  4. It is amazing what kids can do and I’ve seen plenty of videos of kids younger than 1-1 1/2 swimming in pools. I think it is an important skill for them to know as early as possible because you never know what could happen.

    1. Someone told me to either start very young or wait until they are three. So I decided on the first one, especially since we are always on the boat.

  5. Life is a little bit too ironic for me whenever we talk about swimming. Firstly, I am from a tropical country, an archipelago to be exact. So we are surrounded by beautiful bodies of water. Secondly, I trained my brother how to swim. And where is the irony? Simply, because I don’t know how to swim. LOL.

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