Blog_header_separator3Sometimes you need to find out what it is that you don’t want, before you can know what you do want.

choose_joyDo not feel like you “failed” if you tried something and it didn’t work out. You are learning a new way of navigating life, so give yourself some room to make mistakes and grow in your understanding. Explore new ideas and options. Be willing to take a chance at the unknown.



Value what is in your heart. Do something you love, and the rest will follow. Trust yourself; believe that you have a unique destiny to fulfill. It’s time to let a Higher Power do the rest.



Let go of your agenda, and stop trying to second guess how things will come together. On this spiritual path, you are not dependent on your own resources or limited understanding. Trust the process, your conscious choice sets things in motion, but it is the unseen that works to pull it all together.



The law of attraction works in mysterious ways. Be open and alert for new ideas new possibilities, and new partnerships. Do what you know to do, then leave room for God to move in your life. Release your attempts to control or outline what should happen and when it should happen.

Remember that your vision of how things should be is limited to your experience and understanding. Let God, let the universe surprise you, your job is to keep faith while the dream is incubating. Accept life as it is, right now, and declare that you trust all things are working together for good.



Cultivate an attitude of gratitude instead of a mindset of scarcity. Observe the abundance and good that is already in your life. Expressing gratitude enhances your enjoyment and deepens your pleasure in life. It also makes you more receptive and paves the way for more good to come your way.

Wether you are thanking a friend for offering a helping hand, or praising God and the universe for a beautiful day. (as simple as thanking it that you are able to drive, walk without getting pouring rain on you and you forgot your umbrella..) Learn to count your blessings and you’ll see them multiply. That is the beauty of the law of attraction.

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