Removing fear is not as easy! but it is possible

Fear is one of the bigger stoppers of people achieving their dreams and living the life they imagine. A lot of the books suggest that to remove fear all you have to do is device to do it and just put fear aside. Well, I wish it was as easy as making that choice and going for it, but at least for me, fear seems to always find its way.

If you believe in lack and limitation and your own unworthiness, your outer life will reflect that inner belief. According to the books that I have read this week, if you can teach your subconscious mind to believe in your own potential and possibility, then your life can be gently and incrementally transformed.


Your Inner radar will tell you where to go

Listen to your intuition and the pull of your heart. If something gives you energy, excites you, and makes you happy, that is a good indication that this choice is best for you. Let love be your guide rather than money or prestige or power.

Look at your childhood, as your natural talents would most be reflected during that time, where fear was not there, where you just did YOU without thinking what others thought of you. Will you would make money following this path? will society approve? what will they think of me? or any other judgements that seem to be in your mind now as an adult.

For me, I know that art has always been part of me and exploring that area seems to drive my attention. Going back to painting, and experimenting with paint and different mediums without care in the world, removing any fear that people won’t like it or that if the end result would be good enough. Letting my mind relax and just focus on the project at hand.  I felt something inside of me, like I am in a different place, I am transported into this magical world.

Maybe for you, is not art, maybe is reading, or writing, or cooking. When looking at your childhood, do you recall what you liked to do? what did you do that made you feel free?

artRight now, acrylics on canvas are giving me an energy and a sense of accomplishment and happiness that I didn’t feel before, I’, letting my heart lead lead the way.

Trust that the love in your inner radar will lead you over time to the desired result, you will see that fear will start moving out of your way.

If you remove fear, what does your inner radar telling you to do?

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